Banrakpasa Language School

“ Because the world works in English & Chinese We achieve excellence together by learning with fun activities ”

“Language – Your Door To The Future”

Learning a language is the way of creating tool to gain more knowledge. When you know a language that mean you can communicate and understand people from different places and nations. It develops human competency and language is considered as human capital. These ability and quality of human are the most valuable resource of the nation.

BANRAKPASA Language School originated by Mr.Jack Huang or T.Shun, the owner of the institute, who has passion in education and language teaching. In 2002, he started teaching English and Chinese to some students at his house. Later on, the number of students increased. Mr.Jack’s house cannot accommodate large amount of students so he moved to open classes at Crystal Town Home Village Club. Due to the teaching quality of Mr.Jack, even though the place wasn’t very well-known and the advertisement of the school was not published yet, the students and parents were very satisfied and suggested their friends to come and study with us. Over 12 years, BANRAKPASA Language School keeps growing by the support of lovely students and parents. We focus on improving the quality of teaching and aim to develop every single student to become expert in the language they love. BANRAKPASA Language School opened its franchise and is accepted by the Franchise Business Community. We are looking forward to expand our branches and serve everyone with fun and happiness language learning.


BANRAKPASA Language School provides English, Chinese and Thai curriculums which are specifically designed for both Thais and foreigners in every age to be able to use in daily life. We believe that learning with native speakers will increase competency of learners efficiently for high competitiveness in the present.

Mission statement

Making Your Child’s World Better. Efficient Curriculum and Teaching. Respond learners’ requirements. Ready for ASEAN community.

In the present, English and Chinese are the medium languages that are used worldwide. Whether in political, social, art and culture or academic aspects. Therefore, learning language will increase the opportunity of a person follow the world’s progress and especially in finding jobs.

  1. General Chinese-English Courses

  2. Intensive Spoken Chinese-English Courses

  3. Business Chinese-English Courses

  4. International Business Chinese-English Courses

  5. Specific Purposes Chinese-English Courses

The courses provided by our school are qualified and standardized. Native-speaker teachers, multi-media equipment and learning outcome evaluation. Moreover, we stick on to Student-centered system that will offer the most benefit to learners.

Because The World works in English and Chinese


Technology and technology make the country prosper. I like to study and develop in the human.

In the 18th century, the world was entering the recession of globalization and the ASEAN Economic Community. Speak Chinese and English “

New-born children are essential to the development of their abilities. Communication skills in English and Chinese. To show the potential on the world stage and express themselves creatively.

Important to children To learn a foreign language It is the foundation that allows them to practice their language learning at an early age. Learning from small is even smaller, because they will learn naturally. And the movement. With TPR theory Learning through activity As the slogan of the love of language. That is, “I have fun learning… Love home language.”

Love the language, focus on learning in small groups. With qualified teachers and teaching experience. Students can communicate in two ways (Interactive Learning) in a warm atmosphere. More important than knowledge in foreign languages. The School of Love Language creates the future of these nations. Has grown completely. To show children the ability to naturally and confident. Stable in expressing creative ideas.

Love the language is the first step. To drive children. To progress in wisdom and confidence. The vision to bring foreign language to communicate in the world. And encourage them to build and develop Thailand at the forefront of the world.

We achieve excellence together by integrated learning with fun activities

Impressive…. Banrakpasa


Banrakpasa, Language school with experienced teachers.


Focus on developing language teaching And ready to step into ASEAN.