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Student Application

Starting from 3 years to Adults

  • General Chinese-English Courses
  • Intensive Spoken Chinese Courses
  • Business Chinese Courses
  • International Business Chinese Courses
  • Business Chinese-English Courses

General Chinese-English Courses


Making Your Child’s World Better.  Efficient Curriculum and Teaching. Respond learners’ requirements.  Ready for ASEAN community.

  • Chinese for Preparation
  • Chinese for Beginner
  • Chinese for Intermediate
  • Chinese for Expert/Advanced

Student application


Courses available for age 3-18 year-old

  • Chinese for Kid – 3-5 years
  • Chinese for Primary Level – 6-8 years
  • Chinese for Secondary Level – 9-12 years
  • Chinese for Upper Level – 13-18 years

Advantage of learning language since young age, below 8 years old, is that the ability of children to absorb knowledge will be higher than higher age. Children are more likely to be confident, speak clearly and fluently.


Schedule in Learning

Time Lesson
1-30 Vocabulary, Conversation and review previous lessons
31-55 Learn lessons in the book
56-60 Break Time
61-75 Comprehensive Reading, Speaking, Story Telling
78-85 Games and activities
86-90 Teacher write evaluation booklet and give rewards

Intensive Spoken Chinese Courses


Learners can speak and communicate in daily life correctly in short period of time (96-hour course). The course is divided into two levels with 20 topics each.

Business Chinese Courses


Suitable for learners who want to improve skills to use in business contact. You will be able to work with foreigners efficiently within this 48-hour course. The curriculum includes organization chart, work schedule management, meeting management, discussion of business development, culture of organization, note-taking, summarizing documents, work planning, etc.

International Business Chinese Courses


This course focuses on international business contact, suitable for people who own a trading business and have some basic language skills. Learners will be able to contact and negotiate efficiently within this 48-hour course. The curriculum includes asking information, price negotiation, credit checking, product ordering, payment, contact  with the Customs department, documents used in trading, etc.

Business Chinese-English Courses


The course is adaptable to the objectives of an organization or occupation field such as tourism and hotel management. We will send our authority to observe the workplace to plan the lessons. The curriculum will be specifically designed according to the working style and environment of learner.

Learning Evaluation

Students should take Chinese Proficiency Test at least once a year. The tests will be available twice a year in March and September.

  • HSK test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)
  • YCT test (Young Learners Chinese test)


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