Thai language for foreigners Courses


Thai language curriculum teaches by Thai teacher who have high teaching experience. Student can learn individually or in groups.

Courses Available

  • General Knowledge of Thai language
  • Intensive Communication Thai Courses
  • Thai Language for Business Communication Courses

General Knowledge of Thai language


  • Thai language for Beginner – suitable for tourists, the lessons are adaptable to the requirements of learners.
  • Thai language for Intermediate – suitable for foreigners living in Thailand for a period of time. The course focuses on improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Thai language for Expert/Advanced – suitable for foreigners that live in Thailand permanently and want to work in Thailand.

Intensive Communication Thai Courses


This course focuses on communication skills which are listening and speaking and also Thai culture with total of 60-hour. The curriculum includes greetings, ordering meals, buying things, price negotiating, telling time, vocabularies about weather, health, hotel and residence and basic sentences in daily life.

Thai Language for Business Communication Courses

This course is for foreigners who have knowledge in Thai language for long period of time and want to improve in order to do business contact, work and collaborate with Thai people efficiently. The curriculum includes organization chart, management and strategic management, business laws, training structure, persuasive speech, business letter writing, etc. Total of 48-hour.


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