BANRAKPASA Language School Franchise by Mr.Jack Huang/T.Shun


“New style of education. Fun and Happy learning with BANRAKPASA

BANRAKPASA Language School originated in 2002 and opened franchise business in 2014. We decided to open because many parents were interested in language school and the curriculums that are essential to develop their children. The franchise coverage includes curriculums, teachers, books, teaching materials and evaluation exams for the franchisees. Franchise contract fee for one language costs 350,000 and lasts for 4 years. If franchisee opens 2 languages at the same time, you will get 100,000 Baht discount for the second course.



“Over 12 years of’ experience in teaching with complete and qualified system.

BANRAKPASA school expanded 5 branches within 2 months.

We registered in Franchise association and became Top Star franchise business in the year 2014.”

Franchise privilege


  1. The right to use the name and logo of the school.

  2. The right to use the school’s Chinese/English curriculum and learning activities.

  3. The franchisor will provide a set of Chinese/English books for student and teacher.

  4. The franchisor will provide the franchisee with a manager and experienced teachers.

  5. The franchisor will provide counseling service for franchisee throughout the duration of the contract.

  6. The franchisor will provide multimedia equipment.

  7. The franchisor will provide job description and training for officers.

  8. The franchisor will assist in planning lesson plans when lessons are taught outdoors.

  9. The right to use pictures of BANRAKPASA language school.

  10. The franchisor will provide lesson plans for Summer and October Camps.

  11. The franchisor will provide Chinese/English Language training curriculum for Schools and Corporations.

  12. The franchisor will provide 2,000 brochures.

  13. The franchisor will provide 2 sets of course and curriculum advertisement posters.

  14. The franchisor will provide 5 sets of school’s achievements posters.

  15. The franchisor will assist with school administration and provide the franchisee with computer software which facilitates school management.

  16. The franchisor will provide a School sign (4×1.5 m.) for use in the front of the shop.

  17. The franchisor will provide 2 school sign poles.

  18. The franchisor will provide a website for the school’s branch, advertisement on Google Advert, Facebook and other websites for free.

  19. The franchisor will provide 5 school’s polo shirts for adults and teachers.

  20. The franchisor will provide 50 Chinese character writing notebooks.

  21. The franchisor will assist in promoting and marketing activities.

Interview “Smart SME TV

Photos of school’s franchise branch opening ceremony

Franchise Exhibition 2017

Top 10 Business 2017

Entrepreneurial Training Schedule


Banrakpasa, Language school with experienced teachers.


Focus on developing language teaching And ready to step into ASEAN.